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Dave Mason
The Marshall Tucker Band
Johnny Winter
Danny Seraphine (Chicago)
Edgar Winter
The Fabulous Thunderbirds


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John Barney (founder of The 11th Floor Band) Every so often it's good to take a break to pursue personal music projects (and other life events). However, the band is excited to be performing again and looks to hit the festival circuit starting with the Orance County Fair in August. We have new original music in the works and look to add some interesting cover songs as well. Our goal, as always, is to give you a great show. Hope to see you soon!

The "Floor" at OC Fair 2016

The "Floor" at OC Fair 2016

Our New CD "Sweet Mystery" Has Arrived! 

INTERVIEW With "Artist First Radio"  Click HERE to listen to John Barney and Marshall Davis' talk about their music, including the band's new CD, "Sweet Mystery."

Recent News:

We're looking forward to playing New Years Eve at Gladstone's Long Beach. New songs are being written for a new CD - with a new sound!



“It makes us crazy that when you hit your 40’s or 50’s, people assume you just play classic rock covers,” laments songwriter/guitarist John Barney “No No No - we still write our own music, good songs at that, and are willing to let the audience be the judge.” The Long Beach, CA- based 11th Floor Band is releasing their new CD “Sweet Mystery” on November 1. Their previous CD, “Best of Days” garnered praise as “One of the Year’s Best,” by Here and There Ezine. This collection of rock, pop, and alt-country songs have been played live during the last couple of years while opening for names like The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Ambrosia, The Marshall Tucker Band,  Johnny Winter, and Danny Seraphine (Chicago), among others.

The “Floor” has undergone several incarnations during the past decade, with founding members John Barney and Lew Kerns (guitar, vocals) joined by Marshall Jeff Davis (bass, songwriting). Dave Cannan also contributes on keyboards. We're celebrating more than a year with Loud Lou Hinzo on drums and Joey "Fantasic" Picard on vocals and bass!  A wide variety of influences, from the blues rock of Led Zeppelin to songwriters like Neil Young, Adam Duritz, and Tori Amos,  The Foo Fighters and Steve Earle helped shape the current sound. The band describes the new CD as a collection of songs – rather than a strict genre-based portfolio. “We didn’t feel sticking to one style to be as imperative as in the past – a lot of listeners like to poke around until they find a song that turns them on – then download it,” says John.
Fiery guitar playing, sing along pop, humorous country songs and the occasional wistful lyric populate The 11th Floor band’s new CD. They will be gearing up for a number of shows in early 2015. The new CD can be purchased through ITunes,, our website and many other retailers.

New CD, "Sweet Mystery"

Guitarist John Barney with Marshall Tucker Band's Pat Elwood and BB Borden

Rest Easy, Johnny Winter. The photo above was from our concert with the late Blues/Rock Legend


Previous events


The 11th Floor Band at Relay for Life

Long Beach


The 11th Floor Band at Orange County Fair

Orange County Fair, Costa Mesa

The 11th Floor Band will be playing a set of their originals at the "Hanger" at the Orange County Fair on Friday, 7/24/2015 at 1:30 pm

Sweet Mystery

The 11th Floor Band

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  1. 1 I Will Take You There 03:25 Info Free
  2. 2 Sweet Mystery 03:44 Info Free
  3. 3 Outside 02:58 Info Free
  4. 4 The Worst 02:50 Info Free
  5. 5 Rendezvous Road 03:34 Info Free
  6. 6 Whiskey Train 03:48 Info Free
  7. 7 Right Amount of Drunk 02:35 Info Free
  8. 8 Ain't No Doubt About it 04:01 Info Free
  9. 9 Sugar Blush 03:31 Info Free
  10. 10 By My Side 03:48 Info Free
  11. 11 Brother (Can You Spare a Dime) 03:09 Info Free
  12. 12 Ghost on the Highway 03:45 Info Free
  13. 13 Large Wine 03:34 Info Free



The 11th Floor Band Builds a "Sweet Mystery"

The Appetizer Music Blog, July 26, 2015

Even though an increasingly large number of bands are choosing to defy genre expectations and incorporate a diverse musical background into their work, most still stick to a singular style that is easily identified as their own. Such is not always the case with the 11th Floor Band, a Californian quintet with nearly countless ex-members from their twelve years of existence. With the 2014 release of Sweet Mystery, the 11FB is making it clear that they will not be confined to any preconceived expectations of what they have to offer. 

Incorporating four different vocalists, each of their songs seems like it could be from an entirely different group. The album opens with a number of blues-style rock tracks, transitioning into a rock-country hybrid. The subject matter ranges from drunken dances in dive bars to more traditional emotional ballads. At times, their style evokes bands like the Wallflowers, Counting Crows, and any number of old-style country bands. One could equally imagine them playing in a bar, at a wedding, or opening for a Trace Adkins show. 

In a very tangible way, this group is a compilation of modern American roots music: country, blues, and rock all coming together in one package. But beyond the stylistic boundaries of any one of these genres, the 11FB maintains the core of what ties all three together: a loner standing against society. Songs like “Ghost on the Highway” and”Right Amount of Drunk”  illustrate the individual’s path in a strange world, whereas “Rendezvous Road” and  “The Worst” make the struggle for a place in life relatable. 

The ability for the loner and outcast to relate to others is one of the great hallmarks of American music, especially that which began as the music of the downbeat lower classes. Particularly in a society that demands competence to survive with little help, its members may feel isolated and alienated if their own values are not aligned to that of the mainstream culture. Groups like the 11th Floor Band hearken back to that old school of music which exists to represent the unrepresented, and the 11FB does a particularly good job of combining three very distinct-yet-related genres in their albums. Seeing that blues, rock, and country are all close cousins may yet inspire some of us to go beyond the kinds of music we’re used to, choosing to explore different options – even within a single album.

11th Floor Band – Sweet Mystery

Music Morsels Reviews

It took a long time for this Long Beach, CA-based band to release their sophomore release, a time filled with personnel changes. They must have found the right mixture as this CD blisters from start to finish. They take various tendrils of rock, primarily red dirt country, heartland, and subtle punk facets, and whip it into an edgy frenzy that can be both hooky and envelope pushing. If you miss bands like Jason and the Scorchers, and Cross Canadian Ragweed, this music is sort of like hanging out at a beer bash with them and counting the seconds until the cops come in and tell them to turn it down. The lyrics can be wickedly humorous at times, especially in songs like “Whiskey Train” and “Right Amount of Drunk,” and feature several different vocalists to inject further musical personality into the stew. These guys really know how to play their instruments, too and wring every ounce of blood and sweat that they can out of them. Listen to songs like “The Worst” and “Brother” if you need further proof. For any previous fans who may be asking, “What took you so long?”, just shut up and listen, you will no doubt be satisfied. For those who have not heard them yet, just get it and listen. If you love music that is at the most simple explanation “brash rock and roll,” this will not disappoint you. – MW

"Sweet Mystery" CD

Magazine: NeuFuture Magazine    November 2014

I Will Take You There is a high-energy piece of rock that blends together Lynyrd Skynyrd, Tom Petty, and Warren Zevon. The band is able to create a cohesive sound that sets the stage for the rest of the tracks on their latest album, Sweet Mystery. Right Amount of Drunk is a country-infused track that keeps the same high momentum of the previous cuts on Sweet Mystery, while the act takes a very interesting stylistic turn. It is this sheer depth of sounds and influences that provides Sweet Mystery with such a high replay value.

Ain’t No Doubt About It is a track that ratchets up the narrative content of the album, providing something that fans can sink their teeth into; Santana-styled guitar riffs provide a second line which individuals can enjoy. The jazzy drum line that plays at the back side of the song establishes The 11th Floor Band as one of the most eclectic and fun bands that we have reviewed this year. Brother (Can You Spare A Dime) is a radio-friendly track that builds off of the alt-rock of the early nineties with the rich American rock tradition. The melodies that are crafted by The 11th Floor Band during this composition with stick with fans long after that album has spun to a close.

Top Tracks:  I Will Take You There, Right Amount of Drunk

Rating: 8.2/10

Our City Magazine "Featured Artist, "The 11th Floor Band Changing the Music World"

12/04/2014  Online Culture Magazine features The 11th Floor Band.


John Barney and the 11th Floor - Best of Days (Pacific Songs Music)

"Wow...this is my 200th review here. So is album worthy of high praise?
Hell yeah! John Barney and the 11th Floor rocked my lame ass pretty well. A smooth mix of the late, great Beat Farmers and cult favorite The Pleasure Barons. I was very impressed with this band. It has a beautiful female vocalist in Reina Sanchez - the lady can sing in the best way. Crystal clear production and John Barney's exceptional songwriting really elevates this release to the Best of the Year ranks for me.
"The Worst" really brought home the album. Lew Kerns,whose gruff voice channels Country Dick Montana, and Reina's take on what keeps a couple together despite being so different is pretty damn funny.
Going from that romp to the powerful "Wrap Your Heart" showcases just how deep this band can go - and this album is like this on every song. Keep it coming! Highly Recommended"


"Fuck Tobi Keith and Reba McEntire"

OK People - just because  the vocalist sings the song - DOESN"T mean he/she wrote the lyrics - growl!

"It sucks getting old."

“Depending on my mood – but usually 3-5 chords are enough for me. I love G, C and D."

"Wow, cholesterol 160 today - that's gotta be a mistake!"

"By My Side" lyrics from the CD "Sweet Mystery"

I'm a cowboy in this city of lost and damaged souls
Just looking for a place to rest my head where a sleepy wind still blows
Racing with the steel horses to the finish line of fame
Where it ain’t so important what you do - as how they pronounce your name

It just a little crazy how this dream has changed with time
But I thank the gods of fortune that keep you at my side

I’m a drinker and a worker and a fighter when pushed too far
Every day seems a test of will between my soldiers of hope and fear

It’s just a little crazy how this paradise stays free
But despite the odds, you manage to be with me

Well the headlines shout ‘bout the earth’s getting twisted and all I wanna do is go home
And best of intentions don’t matter much when I know you’re there alone

Well the graveyards are littered with the bodies of lonely men
A checkerboard of broken hearts - names and numbers carved in cement
I wish I could say that I had some faith but it’d just be another lie
So I create my truth and hope you stay by my side
When my river runs dry I hope you rest by my side


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John Barney Art has new Website

Founding 'Floor' member John Barney is also an artist. Click John Barney Art  to go to his new art website. You may also click HERE to go to his art page on this site. If you prefer to buy  prints with your choice of size, mat, surface (fine art paper or canvas), and frame,  you may do so by clicking HERE.  On EBAY- just search "John Barney Original."

John Barney, next to his painting "Mystery"

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