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The 11th Floor Band

The Eleventh Floor Band was born on the 11th floor of an ocean-view condo in Long Beach, CA in 2003. It began with informal jam sessions between John Barney and Lew Kerns - then turned into the CD "Best of Days," released in 2004. The Here and There Ezine stated in a review "elevates the release to the ranks of best of the year." The band itself has undergone several changes,  different musicians coming and going, with John Barney the constant.  The latest version of the band includes founding member, songwriter, and guitarist John Barney: Songwriter Marshall Davis, lead vocals and guitar: Dave Cannan, Keyboards; Joe Picard, bass and vocals; and Loud Lou Hinzo on drums. Currently, the band is gigging regularly and has just released it's new CD, "Sweet Mystery." The band has opened for bigger name groups such as Ambrosia, Johnny Winter, The Marshall Tucker Band, Danny Seraphine (Chicago), Kim Wilson and The Fabulous Thunderbirds and Edgar Winter, among others. When queried about his favorite gig, John Barney adds "Johnny Winter was a personal influence to me as a young man - getting to play on the same bill before he died was one of my biggest thrills."

John Barney states "Marshall and I are songwriters first and foremost - so playing cover songs is always secondary. We mix a lot of our music roots, including pop, punk, blues, Americana, and country.. We just call it all Rock and Roll! Our new CD "Sweet Mystery" is mostly a collection of songs that we've written and have been performing live these past couple of years. Most musicians that we know personally, who are in our age range are playing in classic rock bands. While we love some of that music, we don't want to be just another middle-aged cover band.  We still have something to say -  we write good songs and are willing to let people be the judge of that. However, in 2015, we'll be gigging much more and playing more cover songs as a way for the band to get tighter with its new lineup. Towards the end of the year, we'll start on our new CD.


Marshall “Jeff” Davis: Vocals, Bass, Guitar; Initially turned on to music by his parent’s collection of rock and roll 45’s, Marshall has played with several local rock groups during the last twenty years, including “Destiny,” “RNR Tycoon,” and the long running cover band “Astrocats.” In addition, he released a self-titled EP in 1994 to good industry reviews and co-wrote songs for Christopher Marshall’s debut album. He's also formed a short-lived band, The Blue Widows, which had a harder-edged sound.  Marshall is a multi-instrumentalist who claims the Beatles, The Jam, Prince, Duran Duran and Elvis among his influences.

John Barney: Lead Guitar, backing vocals; Over the past two decades, John has been in the studio more than the stage, releasing three CD’s in which he was the sole songwriter and producer. He received a songwriting contract for his catalog of songs for his CD, "Stay the Night." He formed The 11th Floor Band in 2004, playing for awhile with Luther Tatum, then rejoined with Lew and Marshall to play local events and clubs as well as opening for bigger names like Danny Seraphine (Chicago’s drummer). As a guitarist, John was most influenced by the blues rock players of the early seventies (Hendrix, Page, Rory Gallagher, Clapton and Johnny Winter). As a songwriter, Neil Young, Tori Amos, Bob Dylan, Counting Crowes, John Melancamp and Steve Earle were important.

David Cannan: keyboards; Dave is a staple of the local music scene, playing with a variety of projects, including his band Blue Steel. He's been active in the "Rock for Vets" organization, helping veterans through music. He also spends time riding his motorcycle, scuba diving, and enjoying his cabin in the woods.

Joe Picard: bass, vocals; A certified "Dead Head" Joe is our "formally-trained" musician. He's a multi-instrumentalist, including harmonica, mandolin, keyboards..and whatever else is laying around. In addition to his concert band, orchestras and choirs, his previous bands/projects include, Blue Steel, Blue Lion, Got Milk, and More than Fair.  He was also musical director of the Saint Luke's Electric Praise Band for 17 years. His influences include jazz, electronica, bluegrass and folk, among others, and is inspired most by live and improvisational music - hence, the "Dead Head" tag.

'Loud' Lou Hinzo: drums, vocals; Loud Lou is a veteran of many band and projects and is currently playing with comedian Garett Morris (original Saturday Night Live cast member)  as well as his own band, "Lou's Crew." As his name implies, he's a rock and roll drummer at heart and will play anywhere, anytime!

Former Members

Lew Kerns: guitar, vocals; co-founder of The 11th Floor Band and key contributor to the CD's  "Best of Days" and "Sweet Mystery"

Luther Tatum; slide guitar, keyboards, songwriter
Eric Oberg - guitar
Patrick "Ozzie" Osgood - Bass
Kat: vocals
Reina Sanchez Shibesta: vocals
Eric Barnes: vocals
Drummers - too many to mention - I mean, really, how many days you got?

John Barney Art

John began painting after having been a "fan" of art for many years. A passion of his has been visiting local art galleries wherever he travels. His painting style reflects what he's learned to enjoy about the many styles he's observed as a fan. Most of his paintings have a medium texture to them - having been applied with a painting knife. John believes that "texture often adds to the emotional impact" of a painting. He paints in both acrylics and oils.  His subject matter combines abstract expressionism with touches of surrealism to encourage individual interpretation of each of his pieces. John uses wide swatches of color -  allowing each painting to make a statement in whatever home or office setting it ends up.  He's won several awards and has been in several gallery shows in southern California. For more information on art, click HERE.