Original art by John Barney on Vango
My official art site is johnbarneyart.com. On this page you'll see some of my work from the last few years - but I'm constantly producing new product. Join my email list on my art site if you'd like to be informed of new work. Of course, all of my paintings are for sale - you'll find information on that at my site. Occasionally, I'll include some in our store here. I can always sell you a sign print as well, at a very reasonable price. Until then, enjoy - and let me know which one is your favorite.

John Barney Artist Statement
As a lifelong musician, I create art the same way I do music – somewhat haphazardly, taking a wisp of an idea and making it whole. My goal is to enjoy the process and hope that the finished product makes an emotional or psychological impact with the viewer. I’m intrigued and motivated by mystery, thus many of my paintings will leave you wondering “what’s going on.” I strive to have you share the same experience I do when looking at an interesting work of art – namely, that time and space are suspended for a few brief moments – taking us away from our present reality and into that netherworld of alternate universes, so to speak. I feel strongly that the viewer creates his/her own experience or meaning with the painting –consequently, I’m often hesitant to “explain” my work. My education and career has been in psychology - and emphasizing that dimension may help you discover something about yourself.

Of course, you don’t have to always go so “deep.” Maybe you can’t define why you like an artwork – or maybe it will just look great in your living room or office – and that’s a beautiful thing! Much of my work is done with a painting knife – I find texture emotionally satisfying – and I prefer to use a wide array of color to communicate my message.


John Barney