Our New CD "Sweet Mystery" Has Arrived!

INTERVIEW With "Artist First Radio"  Click HERE to listen to John Barney and Marshall Davis' talk about their music, including the band's new CD, "Sweet Mystery."

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We're looking forward to playing New Years Eve at Gladstone's Long Beach. New songs are being written for a new CD - with a new sound!



“It makes us crazy that when you hit your 40’s or 50’s, people assume you just play classic rock covers,” laments songwriter/guitarist John Barney “No No No - we still write our own music, good songs at that, and are willing to let the audience be the judge.” The Long Beach, CA- based 11th Floor Band is releasing their new CD “Sweet Mystery” on November 1. Their previous CD, “Best of Days” garnered praise as “One of the Year’s Best,” by Here and There Ezine. This collection of rock, pop, and alt-country songs have been played live during the last couple of years while opening for names like The Fabulous Thunderbirds, Ambrosia, The Marshall Tucker Band,  Johnny Winter, and Danny Seraphine (Chicago), among others.

The “Floor” has undergone several incarnations during the past decade, with founding members John Barney and Lew Kerns (guitar, vocals) joined by Marshall Jeff Davis (bass, songwriting). Dave Cannan also contributes on keyboards. We're celebrating more than a year with Loud Lou Hinzo on drums and Joey "Fantasic" Picard on vocals and bass!  A wide variety of influences, from the blues rock of Led Zeppelin to songwriters like Neil Young, Adam Duritz, and Tori Amos,  The Foo Fighters and Steve Earle helped shape the current sound. The band describes the new CD as a collection of songs – rather than a strict genre-based portfolio. “We didn’t feel sticking to one style to be as imperative as in the past – a lot of listeners like to poke around until they find a song that turns them on – then download it,” says John.
Fiery guitar playing, sing along pop, humorous country songs and the occasional wistful lyric populate The 11th Floor band’s new CD. They will be gearing up for a number of shows in early 2015. The new CD can be purchased through ITunes, CDBABY.com., our website http://11thfloorband.com/ and many other retailers.

New CD, "Sweet Mystery"

Guitarist John Barney with Marshall Tucker Band's Pat Elwood and BB Borden

Rest Easy, Johnny Winter. The photo above was from our concert with the late Blues/Rock Legend


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